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The Avis Group provides franchise consulting and management services to both Franchisee and Franchisor candidates across North America.

The Avis Group is a well respected Vancouver based executive firm providing management and consulting services. The Avis Group has owned and operated various franchise systems primarily in the food & service industry’s throughout Australia & Canada………the journey continues today (25+ years and still going strong).

The executive team works with Founders, Franchisors and Franchisees who are looking for their next great opportunity or maybe just need some guidance as they navigate their way through the most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, marketing, organizational operations, compliance, equity raising, branding and leadership mentoring.

Our sweet spot is early stage Startups, Emerging Brands and SMB enterprises who all want to raise the bar and are focused on taking their concept, brand or idea to the next level.

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How to Franchise Your Business


As a successful entrepreneur, you’ve built up a booming business. You have proof of concept and are generating revenue.

What’s Next?

Is it time to Franchise? Should I open another location, how do I open across country, how do I scale and replicate what I have? These are some of the questions going through your mind….

Franchising might be a great fit for you. 

In order to franchise your business, you must have a successful proven business concept. You must have the desire to scale and replicate your model and you must want to be hugely successful. As the Founder/Owner of the brand, you are the leader and your future Franchise Partners will be looking to you for their success.

At no cost to you, we will openly discuss your current business model, determine what options would work best for you and your business and assist you to achieve your business goals.

If together we decide that the franchise option is your preferred option, we will work together and develop your franchise model covering all the necessary steps that you need to take to become a successful franchisor with a franchise model that attracts the best of the best!

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  • Traditional Franchise Development
  • Full Franchise Compliance
    • Legal Agreements
    • Disclosure Documentation
    • Operations & Training Manuals
  • Start-Up Business Development
  • Brand Development & Promotion
  • Sales & Global Marketing Campaigns
  • Staff Development Programs
  • Relationship & Team Building
  • Strategic Planning
  • Leadership Mentoring
  • Profit and Loss Analysis
  • Financial Oversight
  • Contract Negotiation


    Richard Avis

    Richard Avis


    Richard is an innovative business leader with 30-years experience in business growth, start-up platforms, sales acceleration, franchising, consulting, brand development and strategic planning across varied industries. He is an effective communicator and negotiator with expertise in building strong professional relationships with industry leaders, launching new technology and business concepts in emerging markets, and implementing strong strategic planning goals for long-term sustainability and growth.

    Richard possesses a successful background in launching new brands and re-introducing existing brands by developing improved logistics and operational management, establishing goals for growth, sales, and account development, mentoring company executives and building strong goal orientated corporate teams. 

    Whether you are a Founder, Franchisor or prospective Franchise Partner, Richard will be able to professionally and effectively handle your needs and get you to where you want to be!

    Leanne Quong

    Leanne Quong


    Leanne is passionate about service excellence, making a difference in the world through health and wellness, and being influential in everything that she does. Loves life and manifesting dreams.

    • Oversees daily operations of Spa businesses from Start-up to Profitability
    • Leads, collaborates and strategizes with all departments including Marketing
    • Has a strong focus on client education/training, on-boarding and employee development
    • Labor cost management & Supplier/Vendor relationship management
    • Oversees and facilitates, pop-up shops, promotions, events and new launches
    • Creates and implements Client Sales Education Programs
    • Recently led a Sales Team of 40 surpassing sales goals by 300%

    David Smyth

    David Smyth


    David Smyth is an average golfer but enjoys the walk, a lover of wine, a family man with two young boys and loves to watch Ireland play rugby. David grew up in a family business environment so understands the nuances and challenges of running a small business.

    David’s education is in business and tourism and has been marketing his own businesses and consulting for others for the last 20 years. He cut his teeth in the online marketing world while working for Yellow Pages and is recognized as a Google Ads certified professional and is Blueprint certified by Facebook.

    David specializes in getting businesses found on Google and social networks like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. He loves to help businesses get found online and thrives on generating leads for our clients at The Avis Group

    Geoffrey Lee

    Geoffrey Lee


    Geoff is an avid skier, amateur photographer, ex professional chef and father to three daughters.  Geoff’s been developing websites since 1999 and has learnt valuable techniques on how to make websites stand out from the crowd.  Moving from Australia to Canada in 2011 he successfully ran his own website development company for 20 years.  After spending time working for BMW Australia in their web department he developed a design style that attracts and engages the website user to convert them into buyers.

    Geoff’s passion is design.  Stemming back from his days as a chef, Geoff says “People eat with their eyes first, and the same is said with websites.  Design is a crucial element of a successful website.”   Now teaming up with The Avis Group he enjoys bringing design, content and the power of Google together to create awesome websites.

    Michelle Johnson

    Michelle Johnson


    Armed with a diploma in Graphic Design (VCAD, Vancouver, BC) and a Bachelor of Commerce (UVic, Victoria, BC), Michelle is ready to solve your logo design problems with creativity, collaboration, and above all, keen business strategy.

    Michelle offers our clients a strong attention to detail, a strategic approach, project management experience, and an upfront, approachable energy. Her style is clean, meticulous, often whimsical, and draws on inspiration from all aspects of life: that leaf, this old hardcover, a sunset over Vancouver’s harbour.

    Michelle is an experienced graphic designer specializing in logo identities for our clients.